Gluten Free Crunch Wrap

I fell in love with Taco Bell’s crunch wrap supreme when I was living in Santa Cruz, almost 10 year ago. I have wanted to make home-made ones just never have gotten around to it, until the other night. I couldn’t figure out what to make for dinner and then, BAM. I light bulb went off in my head. You can make these of course with gluten, which I did for Owl. But since I am trying to cut out gluten from my life I made mine without.


Gluten Free Crunch Wrap
(this recipe is for one, but the meat makes enough for more than)

1lb Ground Turkey
taco seasoning
Corn Taco Shells
Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla Shell
Sliced Cabbage
Black Beans
Plain Greek Yogurt
Shredded Mexican Cheese

Cook ground turkey as directed and add in the right amount of taco seasoning. ( we don’t add as much as called for). Set aside. In a well buttered pan place your Tortilla shell, lay part of the cheese on top. Layer the corn taco shell (broken in half) and the right amount of each other ingredient to your liking on top. Add some more cheese and then add another tortilla shell. Once everything is warmed and melted carefully remove wrap and place on a cutting board.  We use a pizza cutter to cut into desired triangle sizes. This isn’t as fool-proof as a Taco Bell crunch wrap, because things might fall out as you are eating them. But the mess if well worth it! You could add any other kinds of toppings that you like on your Mexican food.


One of the best part about this is the fact that you get the crunch inside from the corn shell and you get the crunch from the brown rice tortilla. I will be making this all the time now! You could even leave out the meat and make this vegetarian, just add your taco seasoning to quinoa and black beans.



One thought on “Gluten Free Crunch Wrap

  1. Reblogged this on Lessons in Adult Life and commented:
    Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting – I’ve been crazy busy with school and spending the holiday with my crazy family (please help me).

    I LOVE Crunch Wraps. They are seriously my downfall when it’s 2am and I’m still studying and trying not to die. But…as pretty much all fast food is, they’re terrible for you. Here’s a better version!

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